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2007-08-02 16:34:20 by Arclite83

Art continues to creep along; nothing that is worth a screenshot yet, however. Mostly base colorings and redesigning of existing graphics. Not even any real shading yet; in fact, I'm taking OUT shading so I can redo it later and make it better. Kinda feels like I'm working backwards... >.<

I wanted to take a moment and mention other future planned projects, that may or may not occur before a 'full' version of BMII.

"Alchemist" know, as I write these, I realize I really don't want to say what they are about here in a public place. I'm too secretive and paranoid, I suppose. But anyway, there are indeed plans for these two games, and perhaps more, but these are the two most clearly defined right now and so are at the top of the list. Teddy even had a fully playable demo once upon a time, so I expect that to only take the amount of time needed to clean it up and change the graphics (which is, in the case of BMII, a bigger job than I had estimated originally). Hopefully by the end of the year on that one.

And of course, I plan to end BattleMage II on a cliffhanger, so there will indeed be a third at some point. I wouldn't dream of that until at LEAST mid 08, though. I mean, I still have to finish this one! And I think, like when I finished BM, I'm going to want to set Josh aside for a while to let my brain recoup so that when I do come back, I can do justice to the story and the game.

Well, that's it for now! I was going to post another small sketch, but it turns out I can't get at it from work. So no picture this time!


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