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Back from Disney

2007-09-19 14:12:13 by Arclite83

Alright, I've fallen a bit behind my 'imaginary' schedule. Partly because I've had less free time than I though, and partly because I've been dividing time on several side projects at the same time. But now, I'm back from DisneyWorld, refreshed and focused and ready to crank out some art!

It's tough posting these updates from work because I have no images to show, but I'll do my best to have another one tonight/this week with fresh artwork; if that happens, I'll frontpage it.

And to those on my private email list waiting, you'll have a playable demo 'soon' (nice ambiguous date there). Actually, with coding as it is I may just stick-figure the missing shots and send it off to you this week.

And that's the news in the world of Arc. Man, I need a new banner. *sigh* For now, deal with this SB clip.

Back from Disney


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