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BMII Updates

2007-10-02 22:58:01 by Arclite83

Hello everyone:

There aren't many ways to keep saying 'art continues'. I've kinda stopped gaming and I'm drawing during shows at night now, so progress has gone up.

On the downside, I fried the OS on my desktop; thankfully I got everything off of it, including the original source files for all my released games on here, which kind of have major sentimental value to me. Plus, if I ever decide to reuse the engine from BattleMage for another game, it's still there - as is the start of a "BattleMage SE" I started a while back to overhaul the parts I didn't like, zoom the play area, etc (plus clean up the remaining bugs like the 2 ninja boss!)

And as promised, since this update is coming from my tablet I can put up a new screenshot - a preliminary sketch of the lvl 1 boss, a troll. It's not much, and there's no shading, but it's something. There's also a bit of the new background. Enjoy.

BMII Updates


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