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Happy Holidays, and Farewell from Sevomasean Productions!

2007-12-21 10:41:20 by Arclite83

Seasons greetings to everyone here at Newgrounds! With this being my last work day before the New Year, I thought I'd take the time and post one last update for 2007!

By the time I return, BattleMage will be officially 2 years old! Hard to believe how much my life has changed, and how much I've learned, since that fateful game. I fully credit my flash games here for my current job as a Software Engineer; so thanks to Newgrounds for giving people like me a creative outlet through which to publish their work!

Progress on BattleMage II is at a standstill; it bothers me, because I truly wanted to continue the story in some way through Flash for a number of reasons, but the truth is my coding skills are far superior than my flash skills, and ActionScript isn't my forte as much as C# now. I find myself spending more time looking for an ActionScript equivalent soltuion to something I know how to do in C#, than I do actually coding the game or drawing art. So, aside from some one-hot games I may throw out from time to time, and perhaps finishing the art for level 1 of BMII, I believe my days as a Flash Designer are over.

That said, I'm not the type of person to *not* constantly not need to not be creating something in one form or another (wait... not not... not... yeah.) ;-) The logical path for me at this point is a C# game, and I've already been hard at work coding the shell for a full RPG style game.

Now, where this will take me, I have no idea. I have some functional XNA experience, but for now I'm coding the graphics as simply as I can. My hope is to find a partner for the art, as usual. A logical goal for me seems to be a PC / 360 XNA game, but the only way that really becomes feasable is if I actually do get an artist, it looks great, etc... which is something I'd love, but I'm not holding out for.

So, for now, Sevomasean Productions is hanging up it's hat and saying farewell to all it's fans. Thanks to those who've sent me emails and PMs of encouragement, thank you to the graphical and voice artists who have worked with me on various projects, and a special thanks to Prof. Cumaranatunge for allowing me to help start a genuine Flash Game course at University of Hartford. May it last for many years.


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2007-12-21 11:57:41


It's sad to see an flash master after his swan song, so I'll keep this short...

Good Luck...