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BattleMage II

2007-07-30 11:21:12 by Arclite83

So, after 18 months or so, I've picked up the pieces and started work on BattleMage II. I'm moving away from the MegaMan-esque style of the first, and overhauling my drawing style now that I actually own a tablet to work with. The new game resembles River City Ransom, or TMNT: Manhattan Project.

Also, taking into account my reviews, I will be putting out a 'beta' of just the first level, so as to recieve feedback and take it into account for the final game.

Once I get something more presentable, I will put up a screenshot of the first stage; hopefully this will be within the week, but certainly within the next few. I have a Disney World vacation planned soon, so that will cut into my Flash time.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to continue the adventures of Josh Haseman!

PS: My included picture is the first tablet sketch of the new Josh; the blue behind him is my 'pre-tablet' character, much rougher and crappier than the current. No shading, no nothing, but it gives you a better idea of the style I'm heading for.

By the way, that's to scale. Much more detail than BattleMage 1.

BattleMage II


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